Veroniques Mobile Services

                      All New clients receive a Nature Walk!!!

Need a simple Bath?? no problem we can do that. BBN= Bath, Brush & Nails Starting at $15.00 - $35.00 depending on the breed.

Need a deskunker ??
Leave it us we can do it all!
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
Located in the Fredericksburg, Tx
         Pet Grooming is our Passion

All products are specifically formulated for dogs. All our equipment is sanitized before they are used on another pet.  Mobile salon is disinfected on a regular basis.
A dog grooming consists of ear cleaning, nail clipping, bathing and styling.
Styling consists of a shed out, clip, or pattern, or breed style (we can determine this if you are  unsure what is best for your pet.)
We will quote a  price range for your pet.  Actual price will be based on size of animal, time involved (due to condition of hair, length of time since previous grooming ect,) and any extra services you may choose for your pet.  Furminator treatment is included with grooming!!
Optinal Services: 
Flea bath $10.00
Medicated shampoo $5.00
Oatmeal bath $5.00
Tooth Brushing $3.00
De-matt Fee for un-maintained coats $15.00
FURminater  treatment only w/bath $5.00
Nature walk and doggie treat right after Groom only $5.00 gift upon request. all NEW CLIENTS RECEVIE

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